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DR. NISHCHAL BHATT CHILDREN HOSPITAL is the one who is taking this initiative with aim to help achieve permanent dryness among bed wetter’s. Dr. Nishchal V. Bhatt is the one who brought the concept of “PARENTeens”, one day workshop for Parents & Teenagers, and through his long experience he felt the need for a clinic for bed wetter’s. He felt that in today’s time of education and technology parents still feel bed wetting done by their kid as stigma and most of them blame their child or feel that their child is abnormal. To remove this misconception among parents and provide systematic management for this issue , has lead to the concept of DRY NIGHT CLINIC.

BedWetting Clinic in Ahmedabad

Nocturnal enuresis is the medical term for bed wetting. All children who have not achieve control over bedwetting at night needs a helping hand to overcome this issue. Bedwetting in children is not a case of toilet-training gone bad however it’s often just a normalpart of a child’s development. It is seen in up to 15% of unattended children, due to lack of awareness.
» 10% in 6 year old children, 5% in 10 year old children, 0.5 – 1% in Teenagers
» Boys more then Girls

It is the third most stressful life event in school going children Next to Parental fights and divorce of the parents. It is the second most common chronic condition behind allergic disorders. It is involuntary, so it doesn’t make sense to punish or scold your child for wetting the bed or reward him or her for staying dry. Instead, praise your child for following the bedtime routine or help clean upafter the mess. Dr. Nishchal Bhatt has noticed that “Bed wetting is one of the common cause for of psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression and loss of self esteem in children. These children are often laughed at by siblings and other relatives and also receive a lotof scolding from close relatives. They often are ashamed to go and stay with a relativeor friend’s house and this also causes turmoil”.


  1. Parental history of Enuresis (hereditary/genetical)
  2. Single parent
  3. Home conflicts
  4. Stress in children
  5. Too much Scolding
  6. Poor scholastic Performance.

Bladder control is usually attained between the ages of one and five years. More than 85% children will have complete diurnal and nocturnal control by five years of age. A child having nearly complete evacuation of the bladder at least twice a month after the fifth year of life has enuresis and definitely warrants attention. As a rule the bed will be soaking wet as against incontinence, which is loss of urine without normal emptying of the bladder. It is termedprimary when the child has never been dry andsecondary when bedwetting starts after aminimum period of six months of dryness atnight. Timely treatment of nocturnal enuresis prevents psychological damage to the child and provides relief to the family and should be offered to any child who is motivated to sleep dry. No single therapeutic plan is ideal for all patients. Various modalities of treatment are available for the treatment of enuresis. Dry bed training includes measures such as emptying the bladder before retiring to bed, encouraging bedtime resolution and keeping a chart of wet and dry nights. The child should be rewarded for active co-operation for therapy and not just for dry nights. Behavioral changes significantly improve the outcome and advice is given to drink more water during the daytime, avoid extra fluids after dinner, prevent constipation with a proper diet and an increase physical activity. The child is encouraged for timely voiding.

This clinic is the first of its kind and will be dedicated exclusively for bedwetting related issues. The DRYNIGHT Clinic program involves an initial meeting of the Doctor with the child and his/her parents in order to obtain a comprehensive history and evaluation of the bedwetting problem, explanation of the nature of bedwetting followed by treatment modalities and comprehensive recording schedule to check and monitor progress. We must educate Parents in such a way that enuresis is not the fault of the children or the caregivers.

Dr. Nishchal Bhatt is a child specialist & Teenager’s Health consultant working in the field of Pediatrics since last 20 years. He believes that “Creating awareness through education and motivation to Act, creates miracles in peoples life”...

BedWetting Clinic in Ahmedabad