“PARENTeens”and Dr Nishchal Bhatt’s Contribution

Let me take this opportunity to introduce “PARENTeens” and how you can benefit out of it. After stepping into Parenthood, all of us have faced dilemmatic and incomprehensive phases where we had wished if we could do better as parents and vice versa with children. Our workshops will help you handle and pacify all the emotions that you go through which will lead to a great connection between you and your children. We have some unique techniques and tried and tested dynamics which target the Transformation of your life.
There may be few questions...like!
Why should you join it?  
Do you feel there is dead end when understanding teenagers is concerned?
Do you have to disapprove lots of things that your teenagers do?
Do you feel curious how it will resolve your concerns?
Would you love it when you and your children have matched the wavelength?
Is the success of your relationship with your children important to you?

Of course there are many questions. But the answer is only one. “PARENTeens” ...Come, join and Conquer!