National Youth Day


“Tejaswini” - બેટી બચાઓ બેટી પઢાઓ (BBBP) of Women & Child Development (WCD)


49th Annual State Conference- Talked on “Basics of Immunology & Good Immunisation Practice”


Project Hum💚Tum - “Life Skills” for Teenagers are very important aspect of training


એકડ એક થી Parenting - Common Man Foundation (Morbi)


“Parenting Pathways - Raising resilient kids”


Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) - City Conference of Academy Of Pediatrics , Ahmedabad



World Health Day 2023 - 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization.


#OnMyMind 🧠 - State Mental Health Authority


Gmers Medical College & Hospital Sola,ahmd


Launch of The State of the World's Children-2021 by Hon'ble


Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar


GarbhGyan - influence of baby’s health and learning environment


Series Ever lasting Happiness


Praise of a behaviour - Focusing what is good in a child