Challenges Faced By Modern Parents

1. Parenting the 21st century child is especially challenging
Parents do not have guidelines from their own past on how to deal with these challenges. This is mainly because the modern child is living in a world that’s awash with technology that most of the older generation can barely keep up with.

2. Balancing between the work and parenting duties
This make them feel parenting is a stressful and challenging task. Parents need to manage several requirements of life along with the essential parenting duties.

3. Parenting a teenager
It is a challenging task especially in this Modern World. Providing your offspring with good facilities and money is not just enough. There are many factors which demand your good amount of time and attention.
Mostly Parents fail to understand the change and the lifestyle pattern of the teenagers. Research says that 70% of teenager’s life goes haywire during early and late teen years.

4. Availability of omnipresent technology ,
Mobile phones, internet and various other forms of communication that grant your child virtually 24/7 contact with their peers and or other undesirable elements.

5. The cost of living is incredibly high
As a result most parents have to work, doing all they can to preserve their jobs and you get a recipe for parenting disaster.

Following are the common situations faced by parents today.
2.Failure to imbibe moral and ethical values
3.Behaving with guidelines of one’s own upbringing
4.Emotional acknowledgement
5.Imbalanced Lifestyle
6.Pressure to fulfil all the needs
7.Unwanted Comparison
8.Exposure to technology

Pathways To Positive Parenting | For Happy Family

Parenting, which is one of the most important part of every parent's life.
Parenting is very fruitful and rewarding experience!!!
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As the trends and trolls of this new era is changing, lifestyle of Parents, their Children and Family is changing simultaneously. The event is all about discussing and coming up with a proper solution of this important part of life.
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